Jack Evans
is Corrupt

It's Time for Him to Step Down

What’s Going On?

On Friday, June 21st, the FBI raided Councilmember Evans’ home in Georgetown. It was the latest development in an ongoing federal grand jury investigation against him for peddling his power as an elected official for private financial gain. The day before, Councilmember Evans resigned in disgrace from the board of the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA), after it came to light that he used his position on the board to advocate for the interests of a paying client who had business before WMATA. To make matters worse, Evans publicly lied about whether or not WMATA had found any evidence of ethical wrongdoing before he resigned.

What Can We Do About It?

If Councilmember Evans won’t do the right thing and resign, his colleagues on the DC Council, Mayor Bowser, and DC residents must object and call for him to be sacked! Already, Chairman Mendelson has announced his intention to remove Councilmember Evans as chair of the finance committee and to form a Council investigation into his actions. This is a good first step, but it is not enough.

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Jack Evans Is Too Corrupt to Serve

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To Chairman Mendelson, Mayor Bowser, and all members of the DC Council:

We, the undersigned residents of the District of Columbia, are deeply concerned about Councilmember Jack Evans’ use of public offices for private financial gain.

We ask you to take the following actions:

  • Remove Councilmember Evans from all Council committees
  • Launch an independent investigation into his multiple wrongdoings over the span of his full tenure on the DC Council and make the findings public as soon as possible
  • Encourage Councilmember Evans to resign to restore integrity to District government
  • Take all possible action within your authority to remove Councilmember Evans from office

What Exactly Did Jack Do?

For years, Councilmember Evans has held second jobs at lobbying and law firms with big-money clients who had business before the Council and WMATA. Jack does the work of any good lobbyist—he pursues legislation that will benefit his clients, he seeks to discredit their competitors, and he shares privileged information that will help their business. But the difference between Jack and other lobbyists in DC is that he was doing this all while serving on the Council and as Chair of WMATA.

Earlier this year, news broke that Councilmember Evans was the subject of a federal grand jury investigation. All his colleagues on the Council and Mayor Bowser were issued subpoenas in the case. At the same time, it was revealed that Councilmember Evans had used his government email address to send business proposals to prospective clients, offering to use his influence as an elected official on their behalf in return for significant pay. Councilmember Evans offered to “originate government relations and legal business” for clients by “[By] contacting my network of business relationships developed as an elected official, as the Chairman of WMATA, and through my professional and personal affiliations and relationships.”

In March, as a result of public outcry and pressure from some members of the Council, Chairman Phil Mendelson stripped some important agencies and policy matters from the Committee on Finance and Revenue, which Councilmember Evans chairs.

In recent weeks, it has come to light that Councilmember Evans was forced to resign as Chairman of the board of WMATA after an internal investigation concluded he violated the board’s code of ethics. Specifically, Councilmember Evans encouraged WMATA to investigate LAZ parking, a competitor of one of his paying clients, Colonial Parking, without disclosing that Colonial had recently paid him $50,000. Councilmember Evans then lied about the board’s finding of unethical conduct, and as a result stepped down from the board entirely when the public was made aware of his dishonesty.

Most recently, on Friday, June 21, 2019, the FBI raided Councilmember Evans’ home, for matters related to the ongoing federal grand jury investigation.

We must hold high ethical standards, both for WMATA leadership and the DC Council. It’s time to #SackJack if he won’t do the right thing and remove himself. 

Find out more from Washington Post, Washington City Paper, WAMU, and District Dig.

Watch: NBC4 Covers the FBI Raid

On Friday, June 21st, the FBI raided Councilmember Evans’ home, the latest development in the federal grand jury investigation into his conduct.

Why Does This Matter?

Corruption, or even the perception of corruption, leads to an erosion of public trust in our democracy and in our local government. But this isn’t just about optics. Councilmember Evans has long been looking out for the big businesses and mega-developer donors who can afford his retainer, and putting their interests before those of his own constituents and District residents as a whole. The recent revelations of Evans’ influence peddling put his decades of public service into further question: which decisions did he make for his own personal gain? These are just a few examples of how Councimember Evans’ record reflects his prioritization of corporate clients and donors over DC residents:

The Trumps aren’t the only ethically compromised politicians working on Pennsylvania Avenue

Who We Are

Sack Jack is a group of concerned DC and Ward 2 activists and residents who have had enough of Councilmember Evans’ corruption and abuse of the public trust. His actions have hurt all of us, no matter what ward you live in. We exist to remind our elected leaders and the public that the people of DC demand action and accountability for Councilmember Evans’ misdeeds. We demand Councilmember Evans resign from the Council, and until he does the Council should use their power to restore integrity to District Government by:
  • Removing Councilmember Evans from all Council committees
  • Launching an independent investigation into his wrongdoings
  • Encouraging Councilmember Evans to resign
  • Taking all possible action within their authority to remove Councilmember Evans from all public offices in which he serves
Contact us at sackjackdc@gmail.com.
Brendan Freehart

Brendan is a Ward 2 resident, data engineer, and is involved in DC’s technology scene. As a volunteer, Brendan supports survivors of sexual violence.

Natacia Knapper

Natacia Knapper is local organizer and activist based in Ward 1.

Noel Schroeder

Noel is a Ward 2 resident and a feminist activist, educator, and organizer. They’re the Co-Executive Director of Girls Rock! DC and they believe that DC youth deserve a better role model and representative than Jack Evans.

Madeleine Stirling

Madeleine is a queer Ward 2 resident and the commissioner for ANC 2F-05. She wants to be represented by a Councilmember who will fight displacement and violence, not profit off them.

Zach Weinstein

Zach is a Ward 6 resident, organizer, and activist. He’s fought for more ethical and accountable DC government and believe all DC residents are ill-served by Jack’s malfeasance.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Spread the Word

Help educate your friends about what’s happening by sharing this website, following #SackJack on social media, and using the #SackJack hashtag to build a movement to restore integrity to the District government.  You can demand that the DC Council take action! Add your name to the list of concerned DC residents who want the Council to #SackJack. The DC Council can remove a member from office who has violated the law with a five-sixths vote (11 out of 13 members). Our elected officials will only take action if they know the public is concerned and paying attention!
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